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_All new clients are asked to come for An

assessment lesson afterwards we discuss the way forward for your riding.

All clients are allowed to progress as is suitable .

_Lessons are of sound content, varied , safety is


_Lead Rein Lesson

A gentle lesson for small children from which

they progress to riding off the rein. Lessons include riding in an enclosed area,

games, riding out.

_Lunge Lesson

Beginners lesson for Adults and older


_Class Lesson

For clients riding off the rein, according to

age, ability includes jumping, games, developing skills and experience.

_Jumping Lesson

According to ability

_ Half-Hour private for Adults and Children

_ Semi-private Lesson


_Cancellation a £10.00 fee is charged for

lessons not cancelled 24 hours in advance.I f

weather is too bad we will cancel.

_ Clothing

Strong trousers, in hot sun short sleeve shirt and

collar to prevent injury, gloves water proof coat, walking shoes, boots with small heel,crash helmet

_ No trainers

We understand it is expensive to buy the kit

however it is much more comfortable to have

riding gear, we have a selection of boots and hats.

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